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Residential - Extensions

Bell street

This was a very enjoyable and exciting project from start to finish. A fantastic client and a blank canvas. 

The brief was to replace an existing slightly uninspiring extension to the rear of this stunning Grade II listed building whereby the client will spend most of the day, whether in the kitchen, dining, living areas or entertaining and spending time in the garden; this area was very much a central nodal point for the entire house. 

With this in mind, an origami inspired roof form was created to allow soft undulations from the exposed brickwork to the rear garden. Vertical black brickwork offers a recessive contemporary finish with crisp stainless steel hoppers and downpipes added on top. Large concrete tiles are employed inside and out which carries the eye around the room internally and finishes on the green grass of the garden. 

The client is very happy with the result and a glass of champagne shared on the lawn is always an enjoyable end to the story.

High street

This scheme required the total strip out and internal reconfiguration of a stunning mid-terraced residence aged more than 300 years old. Whilst it wasn't listed, it was in a Conservation area and many of the original features were retained and expressed.

The client wanted to have a contemporary feel to the place, but one that works with the original architecture and doesn't appear too stark in contrast. Internally the layout changed dramatically and additional building works allowed a somewhat warren like and dark building to open up and be used in the sociable and family orientated way the client wished.

Market place

The driving force for many extensions is the increase in children and the demand for more space. This project was no exception. However with clients with impeccable taste and interest in contemporary design, this was going to be a fun scheme. The opportunity to explore less standard aesthetic allowed for an asymmetric roof form that is at its highest at the more sociable spaces and the lowest funnelling towards the more intimate family orientated areas. This is a subtle way of differentiating the space without the need for internal walls.


The vaulted internal space is dramatic and adds to the story of the house. Internally many other changes allow the dated spaces to be opened up and offer a new and more dynamic lease of life. 

Riverpark Drive

With children who have subsequently flown the nest, a household can sometimes become busier than ever before with extended family gatherings and constant flow of grandchildren. This was certainly the case with Riverpark Drive. It also provided the perfect opportunity to explore the ideas and dreams of a progressive couple who now wanted an adult home, reflective of there taste in contemporary design.


The existing building was vastly changed with old spaces becoming more rational and new spaces offering a more luxurious expression. The home was also greatly insulated externally prior to the render being added to ensure its energy demand is reduced and environmental footprint improved. The front of the property generated a little more space without losing the much needed parking spaces but enabling a more efficient and dramatic entrance. The rear provides a cantilevered balcony to the master bedroom, terrace space above the existing kitchen and a large two storey extension to accommodate living and bedroom space.  

The end result is a strikingly different residence and one in which the clients feel excited to live in.

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